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James Upham Quotes

6 James Upham quotes:

"Very rarely are they separated. Usually at the beginning of the training we do a couple of shootings separated so that gets them in their own rhythm and I can see all the shots. But then they work together the rest of the workout. They ski together, shoot together, test the skis together."
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"If you're a cross-country skier or an endurance athlete, it's very simple: Here's a gun, go shoot this, too. Everyone would say, 'Yeah, that sounds cool to me. You get to ski around and then you get to shoot stuff every day. That sounds pretty fun."
Author: Upham Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"It's been fun so far, but now it really gets fun."
Author: Upham Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Now we have the best performance we've ever had in the Olympics. Bam! It's done. We did it on the first day. Now it takes the pressure off and we can just focus on improving the performance aspects."
Author: Upham Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"You almost expect surprises in this type of a race. The skiing was so fast because you had this ice coming out of the sky, making really hard tracks. There isn't a huge gap in the skiing. You couldn't make more than a minute or two on anybody today. So the (good) shooters had a huge advantage, much more than normal."
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"What the other countries are doing, you just copy it. The system's easy. I steal all my training ideas from the Norwegians, OK? I steal all my shooting ideas from the Germans. It's not like it's that hard. It's very simple to do."
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