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"I don't think children's inner feelings have changed. They still want a mother and father in the very same house; they want places to play."
"My mother would read aloud to my father and me in the evening. She read mainly travel books."
"Children want to do what grownups do."
"I was a great reader of fairy tales. I tried to read the entire fairy tale section of the library."
"My books take place in a very specific neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. It must be the most stable neighborhood in the United States."
"Children should learn that reading is pleasure, not just something that teachers make you do in school."
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"Children want to do what the grownups do. Children should learn that reading is pleasure, not just something that teachers make you do in school."
"I don't necessarily start with the beginning of the book. I just start with the part of the story that's most vivid in my imagination and work forward and backward from there."
"I enjoy writing for third and fourth graders most of all."
"I feel sometimes that in children's books there are more and more grim problems, but I don't know that I want to burden third- and fourth-graders with them."
"I grew up before there were strict leash laws."
"I had a very wise mother. She always kept books that were my grade level in our house."
"I read my books aloud before they were published."
"I wanted to be a ballerina. I changed my mind."
"I was a librarian."
"I was a very observant child. The boys in my books are based on boys in my neighborhood growing up."
"I was an only child; I didn't have a sister, or sisters."
"I'm very surprised at the high number of boys who have written to say that reading my books was hard work but worth it. I have many loyal boy readers."
"One rainy Sunday when I was in the third grade, I picked up a book to look at the pictures and discovered that even though I did not want to, I was reading. I have been a reader ever since."
"Otis was inspired by a boy who sat across the aisle from me in sixth grade. He was a lively person. My best friend appears in assorted books in various disguises."

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