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10 Brian Leetch quotes:

"It reminded me of sitting in Yankee Stadium at the beginning of the games when the guys in the bleachers are yelling out to all the guys in the field. You are used to going into a building and they are for you or against you. It's never in between like that. It was really a different night."
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"Your accomplishments on the ice will live in the record books forever. But I just want to thank you personally for a great friendship over the years."
"I don't expect to be booed. I expect it to be a fun night. Just sitting on the bench between shifts will be the most difficult part as your mind wanders."
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"We look forward to playing at home, but this is a bad way to go home after a loss like this."
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"It was nothing (specific). It wasn't like there was a violent move or anything, just like when I hurt it the first time in practice. It just went again."
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"Eighteen years ago, my left knee I hurt. I've never had a knee injury in the pros,"
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"Each bad game hurt even more because I didn't want to let him down."
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"I hope they don't mention I was on the ice for all four goals in the loss. Hopefully they won't remember that, because that was disappointing."
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"We're playing well and just having trouble closing them out. We've just got to get better as a team at learning how to win."
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"He'd eliminate the man, and my job was to clean up from there. I think I'm able to adapt to different partners, play off their strengths and go from there."
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