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Rich Yamarone Quotes

7 Rich Yamarone quotes:

"History tells us that the Fed has always overshot its tightening goal -- central bankers like to know the cork is firmly implanted in the bottle so that the inflation genie doesn't sneak out. The worst thing a central bank can do when fighting inflation is fall behind the curve. Therefore, we are fairly comfortable with our Street-high estimate."
Author: Yamarone Quotes Category: History Quotes
"If you look at economic data we've received since the beginning of the year, it's been definitively lower than consensus expectations in most cases."
Author: Yamarone Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes
"What you're seeing now is a robust economy carrying a great deal of momentum into the second quarter."
"The economic numbers were nothing less than sweet. The markets were skittish about escalating energy prices, and that never seemed to recede, even though the economy ignored that and ran."
Author: Yamarone Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Torrid economic growth normally results in torrid job growth. And that will probably flash red for Fed-watchers."
Author: Yamarone Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"I don't necessarily think it'll be a knockout punch, but it'll deliver a blow to economic growth in 2005."
Author: Yamarone Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"I think the tide is turning in favor of the employee or job seeker versus the company."
Author: Yamarone Quotes Category: Company Quotes

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