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"Part of their credibility problem goes all the way back to the beginning, where they just haven't settled on a formula two years in a row. If you don't have enough faith in the formula to defend it in the face of controversy, then why should you have it?"
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"The computers don't care about the name on the front of the jersey or that school's spot in the [human] polls. They see a 3-2 Ohio State team and a 4-1 Vanderbilt team."
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"Oklahoma was the last of those teams in the polls, but the computers and strength of schedule moved them up."
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"If Virginia Tech is undefeated, it could be No. 1 in the computers (at the end of the season)."
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"The poll margin is enormous. Virginia Tech would have to be two spots ahead of Texas in the computers to get close. They need to hope those poll margins erode."
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"Miami controls its own destiny in the ACC. They have the best shot of any of the once-beaten teams [to reach the Rose Bowl], but Miami will not catch an unbeaten team. They have to have four of the five unbeaten teams lose a game."
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"I'm kind of skeptical of that. They may not have the restriction, but it remains to be seen how many under-.500 teams start to show up in the tournament."
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"What it means is that you can't simply trust conference records to be a method of evaluating teams in the same conference. Everybody in that league will get a chance to play some good teams at some point, but not all 8-8's are the same."
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"The trouble with figuring out where New Mexico is going is that the women's selection committee's decisions are really tough to predict, and New Mexico has to fall in line behind BYU and Utah. Those teams have to get higher seeds and favorable draws close to home. New Mexico can't be in the same side of the bracket, so their destiny depends on how the selection committee views BYU and Utah."
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"It's a nonevent. If you have to write 1,000 words on this, I feel for you."
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"Arizona in my bracket is a 10 seed because they haven't done anything against anybody who's worth a darn. Arizona might be a 16 RPI, but their tournament prospects aren't too good. Fortunately for them, their league stinks."
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