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5 Lars Christensen quotes:

"Icelandic banks have effectively been shut out of global credit markets, and a credit crisis is just around the corner."
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"We conclude that Iceland on almost all measures looks worse than Thailand did before its crisis in 1997 and only moderately more healthy than Turkey before its 2001-crisis."
Author: Christensen Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We see a substantial risk of a financial crisis as an integral part of an Icelandic 2006-2007 recession. The funding squeeze of the banks will probably force them to reduce lending to domestic players, and force a sell off of external assets."
Author: Christensen Quotes Category: Crisis Quotes
"We're still concerned, however, about the imbalances in the economy, but it's positive that the central bank is reacting."
"In a low-yield environment, there was a lot of interest in high-yield markets such as the Icelandic. But with yields on the rise in Europe and the U.S., we want to see a lot more quality before we feel comfortable investing, as high yields alone are no longer enough."

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