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Mike Castle Quotes

5 Mike Castle quotes:

"I'm not sure Homeland Security can deal with anything like this."
Author: Castle Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Well, we've went from a 12-man police department, counting myself, down to six men, counting myself."
Author: Castle Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"In reality, Richard has stepped up and become really the focal point of our team. Without him there, we were kind of lackluster. We didn't do a very good job of preparing for having a freshman and sophomore at quarterback."
Author: Castle Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"draws a strict ethical line by only allowing federally funded research on stem cell lines that were derived ethically from donated embryos determined to be in excess."
Author: Castle Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"I know that phone calls are being made from ambassadors from the White House, beginning to contact members of Congress, you know, 'what do you think?', 'What can be done?'"
Author: Castle Quotes Category: Beginning Quotes

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