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"There is tremendous pressure today to be first. If you do something first, all the money and fame will come to you. All that is an obvious seduction for doing something like this."
"Our top research institutions brag about the amount of money they bring in, not the amount of new knowledge. It's really disturbing."
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"Right now scientific fraud and misconduct is alive and well in this country. We don't have to go to South Korea."
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"Unfortunately, research institutions and universities have not taken this issue seriously. They pay lip service to responsible conduct and research integrity."
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"In these two cases I would say scientists were overzealous, too quick to push ahead. Scientists feel the pressure of our society like everyone else. Their decisions are clouded by visions of fame and dollars."
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"If the IRS never conducted audits, what do you think would happen to people paying taxes in this country? If the public knows the IRS never conducts audits, don't you think there will be an increase in problems?"
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"In light of the problems they just had, I'm surprised they're doing this. What I would like to see are conflict-of-interest statements and complete financial disclosures for all involved, and the patients should be told that. This will affect what they're doing and the integrity of the research."
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"One of the issues we're going to have to address is institutional culture, which makes it easier for such behavior. Institutions haven't really dealt with these issues in a forthright manner. They're closing their eyes to it, or only opening them slightly."
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