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Jeff Foster Quotes

6 Jeff Foster quotes:

"There were several of them (lies), weren't there?"
"After five years, I would think you guys would have gotten it right, for the sake of the neighbors."
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"We've had pilot whales and mink whales and harbor porpoises, and we do see a change in behavior. He becomes a lot more vocal. He's a lot more active when these animals do show."
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"With what you pay a top-five pick, you can't afford to miss on him, not just from a talent standpoint, but from a salary-cap standpoint."
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"I really don't know yet. It's kind of still to be determined. ... I really haven't been doing too much [in practice], so I couldn't tell you. I've been kind of taking it easy, trying to get healthy, trying not to be injured this year like last year."
"[How well an online retailer manages chargebacks and fraud can aid customer retention and help build profits, Jeff Foster, executive vice president at Retail Decisions, told the conference.] There are a lot of things in common between customer service and customer care and the transactions that you determine you`re going to accept or deny, ... And there`s a lot of customer care involved in how you manage chargebacks."
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