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"This speaker series is the result of proven engineering and design efforts previously only found in our flagship TAD Model 1 speaker, but now available for consumers seeking a best-in-class product that can deliver superb, natural sound in their home entertainment center. From their advanced driver design and cabinet construction to their precise audio reproduction capability, these speakers do more than offer dynamic sound for movies and music, they deliver an experience."
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"We are concerned solely with indoctrination, one-sided presentation of ideological controversies and unprofessional classroom behavior."
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"Whatever they gave, they gave from the heart. All the staff was very positive about donating."
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"It's just a testament to the history of BU track and the history of this meet. To have these Olympic-class runners come here to compete is a real treat."
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"How we will do it and what exactly we will offer remains of course a trade secret. However, we are 100 percent confident that what we want to do can be done."
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"We want the black middle class and we are confident that they will want us once they see what we have to offer, which is really good information, entertainment and service. But that doesn't rule out the white market because let us face it, black people have been watching and enjoying white entertainment forever. So why can't the opposite be true. We are not pointing to race so much as lifestyles in defining our market and these days and times, many different lifestyles are emerging."
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"I think justice was served this time."
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"The result has been a service that looks slick enough, but in fact, offers little in the way of what's really out there. It is also very expensive, far more so than similar services offered in either the USA or Europe. Look at the US where there is competition. In some markets consumers get 500 channels and pay half of what they do here."
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