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"I've never seen the president burdened by the presidency. He's built to deal with really big events. It's in his DNA."
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"Conventional wisdom may be upside-down. The economy is always an issue, but I think . . . it has to be viewed in different terms. The Gore camp will try to take credit for the economy. I don't think the voters see it that way."
"[Bush may cling to his belief that the market's woes won't affect the basic soundness of the economy, but he knows from his father's experience that politicians who don't appear to take voters' pocketbook fears seriously pay for their callousness at the polls.] This President is acutely aware of the impact of the economy, both on regular Americans and on Presidents, ... Americans fundamentally understand a President can't move the markets, but they want to be assured that he cares about it and is doing all he can."
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"You adapt to the circumstances and the circumstances are different. I get zero sense of that. This is an administration and a president that are like the Marines -- they're used to taking the beach, they're used to getting shelled. But they dig in and they do their jobs."
"This president has a real pattern of defying conventional wisdom."
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