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"I am amazed to live in such a beautiful country. It is beyond my wildest imagination that it happened so quickly."
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"Every country we'd go to, I could see the reactions of the other competitors and coaches -- they knew they were seeing something special. His excellence in surfing, coming from such a small body and a young mind, was the difference between him and the others. He always had a great attitude and made friends everywhere we went."
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"Another reason for starting at Constitution Hill is because of the impending same-sex marriage case being heard at the court and because of its link to the South African constitution, the first in the world to enshrine the right to sexual orientation in its Bill of Rights."
"This is just part of the growth. From what I heard at the meeting, it's going to be a positive."
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"We are now full participants in Canadian society. Apartheid is gone. It has been a 26-year struggle."
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"[In addition, a full-sized Harley Davidson and a mini chopper are being auctioned off for charity. Both are currently on display in Flying Possum Leather, located on Dickson. Raffle tickets can be purchased in the store and cost $2 for the full-sized chopper and $1 for the mini chopper. Proceeds for the mini chopper will benefit a local childrens emergency shelter. Proceeds from the Harley will be distributed to seven local childrens charities and three senior citizens charities.] The childrens shelter tried to get help from FEMA but got turned down, ... They could only display them if they found a privately owned space. Its for a good cause, so I let them use my store."
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