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Alex Beuzelin Quotes

8 Alex Beuzelin quotes:

"This morning, the currency markets were just as nervous as the rest of the financial markets. As the stock market stabilized, so did the U.S. currency."
Author: Beuzelin Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"The risk would have been coming out with someone the market doesn't know, or who is a monetary hawk."
Author: Beuzelin Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"Fed speakers have been on message, and the belief is that U.S. yields will continue to improve relative to Europe, the UK and Japan, and that will continue to underpin the dollar,"
Author: Beuzelin Quotes Category: Belief Quotes
"Undoubtedly it's a dollar-negative report. This pace of job creation shows there is still slack in the labor markets."
Author: Beuzelin Quotes Category: Creation Quotes
"The pre-FOMC caution and lull in the marketplace appears to give traders little reason to put on aggressive positions, ... The Japanese yen extended its recent gains as the Mori government upgraded its assessment of economic conditions."
Author: Beuzelin Quotes Category: Caution Quotes
"There isn't too much conviction in the market today to trade the dollar in an aggressive fashion."
"With a lack of any key economic news, once again the direction of the dollar is linked to the volatility on Wall Street."
Author: Beuzelin Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"Traders are marking time ahead of the G7 finance ministers meeting on Friday. I think there is still a significant amount of event risk and that is tending to temper the dollar's movement,"
Author: Beuzelin Quotes Category: Finance Quotes

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