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Andrew Ference Quotes

7 Andrew Ference quotes:

"We're not the team that is on the highlights every night with the pretty goals. But we're also not on the highlights giving up the pretty goals. We didn't change much this year. With this team, the emphasis is always going to be on our end."
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"Getting Dion this year made up for losing a lot of other people. Of course he has a learning curve, but he doesn't have big holes in his game. He just has tiny details he has to work out, and the coaches love working with a guy with that much talent."
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"We also share in the belief we do have what it takes in this locker-room and there's no great piece of the puzzle out there we're missing."
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"There's strong character in our dressing room. Right now, it's just a matter of execution. If everybody shows up and does their job, I think there's a ton of confidence."
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"I was happy, going from Pittsburgh to here. I was pumped. Coming back to Alberta, coming back to Canada, coming to a good team. But now, if it happened again, I'd be really disappointed. Everyone likes it here -- we win, good atmosphere, good town."
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"We just haven't had that consistency. We've thrown some good periods together, but from game to game that consistency hasn't been there. It's something we've got to look back to getting back on track (Wednesday)."
"After we had a successful (2004) playoff run. I think that's when the priorities changed. It's the environment everybody wanted to be a part of, with higher expectations and setting our sights higher. That's what good teams do."

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