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"After careful review, I have concluded that there was such a failure that this was an intentional an illegal attempt to circumvent the law and that it was designed to benefit big energy companies at the expense of the public health."
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"I fear that this bill, without the sufficient resources, will merely highlight our shortcomings. I fear it will not provide the assistance, both financial and technical, that schools will need to meet the goals of having every student meet their full academic potential."
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"I am not precluding the hope and belief that when the president fully understands what this means and what my amendment would mean, that we will hopefully have a change in attitude and that my goal is the same as John Breaux's. I would like to see us vote out a budget by 90 votes ... not just hanging on by a vote or two."
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"This policy breaks that commitment, ... And it fails to acknowledge that we are responsible for emitting 25 percent of the world's greenhouse gasses. Under this policy our share would continue to grow."
"I think it's not oriented as well is it could be for those who need it, especially the low-income people needing health insurance and others who need funds just to live, so I think it's oriented the wrong way and I think it's a little bit too big,"
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