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"I believe in what they are doing."
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"I feel blessed by the honor. I've worked hard for a lot of years, but everyone works hard for a lot of years. Every single person that walks around the village has put in time, effort, sweat and tears, and their family has sacrificed for them. You always dream it would come together and it has. I don't even know if it has hit me yet, but it's a great experience, something I'll remember forever."
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"I feel like I'm not really worthy. It's a wonderful honor, and I'm thrilled that it happened. I really never imagined it would."
Author: Cheek Quotes Category: Honor Quotes
"It's like hitting a golf ball in Colorado and a golf ball in Florida. There's no comparison."
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"For me to walk away with a gold medal is just amazing, and the best way I can say thanks is to try to help somebody else."
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"I'm just trying to keep a low profile."
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"In a lot of ways, the low-hanging fruit has already been plucked. There's not the same amount of talent that there was in the '90s."
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"I'm proud of where I came from. There are so many people from North Carolina who have wished me well. It means a lot that so many people who have had so much influence on my life are watching now."
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