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13 Mark Cook quotes:

"From a coach's perspective, the glass is always half full. We're pleased with the improvement, but we need to correct the mistakes we're still making."
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"The mistakes we made in the past, we want to correct now. When we're in a tight game, we need to be able to talk through them to give our team a chance to win."
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"I'll be running a very grassroots campaign."
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"This is a culmination of a lot of teams' seasons, and we're excited for our community, our university, our team and our fans."
"Everybody knows now that when you come into our gym, we're not giving up an easy win. If you beat us here, you're going to earn it."
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"I think we did really well tonight, we had to move some kids around and put them in some different events. We got some kids taking on a couple more events than they usually do. We're using this for conditioning and they responded really well."
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"Claire always works hard. She works hard in practice everyday and has done a good job for us so far."
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"The idea that the digital camera is mature is, I believe, a naive view. We are just in the early days of what a processor behind a lens can do."
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"According to some polls, we have the sixth-hardest schedule in the country. Our philosophy is to be the best, you have to compete against the best."
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"Williamson A.M. will celebrate its 10th anniversary this fall, and the community weeklies serving Brentwood-Nolensville, Franklin and the rural county and Spring Hill-Thompson's Station will be two years old. All are evolving and we hope to continue to get better at serving our audience groups and the greater community interest through them."
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"He really threw well. He threw a lot of pitches there. He just hung in there. Our defense is still struggling a little bit. We had those errors and acted like we wanted to give it to them. We tried everything we could to give it to them."
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"We're familiar with the two teams, and it's a comfortable environment to have the two teams that we know really well. Neither one is going to fold under pressure and we are going to have to step up and take our best shot."
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"We did well. I had a lot of kids pull out because we have a meet tomorrow. We took kids out, so I knew we would probably lose the meet. We're just getting ready for tomorrow, so we can run well."
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