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"We obviously don't condone people using school property after hours, especially in this fashion, but at this point this is being treated by the police,"
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"It really is up to the towns. But we'd like to believe that both towns are going to do reassessment this year."
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"Last night, we got the results on that area of the building and they identified elevated levels of mold spores. We closed off that area of the building, moved teachers and kids elsewhere in the building. Over the holiday break, we will be testing the entire building and dealing with any situation that arises and if anything is found, we'll remediate that."
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"The superintendent and the board and I have been listening to the concerns of the parents. It does not seem like the right fit for the school district."
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"It's been a proposal that's been around for a decade, ... We're hoping to get the work done."
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