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"We know Lamar's going to be in that box and he's going to be at home. Believe me, between now and the game, a lot more is going to be made of it. I think it would give the guys a good feeling to win one for him."
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"It shook me. You know that in this job we have, there are some health issues."
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"The agents get all their information from the NFLPA. I cut out the middleman. I worked directly with the NFLPA. I had an agent for a few years. But really, when it came down to it, he didn't do anything for me that I couldn't do myself."
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"It's always nice to see Trent out there. He's our leader. He's the guy who makes this thing work."
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"If we didn't go for it, believe me there would have been a lot of discussions in this locker room."
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"It was like they got all the momentum right there. But we just made too many mistakes, too many turnovers."
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"Really, it was a big risk to gut your defense like they've kind of done by cutting a lot of guys who had been there a while. Not just for the personnel's sake, but how the team feels about playing with guys, and the chemistry on the team."
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"It comes down to basic communication and setting expectations."
"They just needed an upgrade. I think they saw an opportunity to upgrade with Cleveland. Denver saw an opportunity to get some parts that were better than the parts they had."
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