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John Rother Quotes

8 John Rother quotes:

"This was a program enacted as part of a very high-profile, partisan controversy, ... And the other thing is, the benefit is not what people had hoped to see."
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"The report, while being good news for many, also points out that if the issues of the growing and aging population's future long term care needs, are not addressed today, the choices will be limited to the wealthy and highly educated. Access to choices for the population at large will be restricted to those who can afford alternatives to nursing homes such as assisted living or home and community based services. Any changes must extend the benefits of improved health and increased choice to those who have been left out thus far."
Author: Rother Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"If only 20 percent or even 30 percent of seniors sign up, that is every negative for the future of the program because the people most likely to sign up are the people with high drug expenses, and you don't have insurance if you don't spread the risk among people who are healthy."
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"It doesn't seem at this point that there's likely to be legislation moving on to the president. I think our job is mostly done."
Author: Rother Quotes Category: Job Quotes Legislation Quotes
"We really need to think about four pillars for retirement. ... The first pillar is Social Security. The second is individual pensions or savings. The third is health insurance, very important. And the fourth, surprisingly, is the continued ability to earn, because many people are going to need to find some way of bringing in earnings after they pass normal retirement age, and we think that that should be more and more emphasized in terms of getting ready for that possibility."
Author: Rother Quotes Category: Retirement Quotes
"We really need to think about four pillars for retirement."
Author: Rother Quotes Category: Retirement Quotes
"We really believe this coverage is going to save lives."
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"What happened … was the debate got polarized very early and the opportunity to find the middle ground was missed."
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