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"This is an extraordinarily broad discovery request."
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"Creativity and innovation will end up moving offshore where programmers outside the U.S. can develop technologies that are not required to address the onerous CALEA requirements. The U.S. companies will face competition from foreign providers who will enjoy an advantage."
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"I believe that the FBI and DOJ want to extend CALEA as far as possible."
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"Under current law, the legal question of whether speech is obscene is determined partly by reference to local community standards, ... EFF is concerned that these venue rules permits censorship of speech on the Internet under the standards of the least tolerant community, negating the values that the community standards doctrine was intended to protect -- diversity and localism in the marketplace of ideas."
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"We believe AT&T violated the law by providing the communications of its clients to the government without warrants, which is prohibited by federal law."
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"There's something disturbing about the notion that when you search for something the government is going to be looking over your shoulder."
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"All the search engines have created a honey pot of information about people and what they search for. It's a window into their personalities -- what they want, what they dream about. This information gets stored, and that becomes very tempting."
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"A tech mandate requiring backdoors in the Internet endangers the privacy of innocent people, stifles innovation, and risks the Internet as a forum for free and open expression,"
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"The California courts have a long history of supporting and protecting freedom of the press. We are looking forward to the opportunity to ask the Court of Appeal to correct a ruling that endangers all journalists."
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"The California Court of Appeals has a long history of protecting freedom of the press. We're hopeful they'll continue to do so."
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"The law is different from the final versions of the bill in the House and Senate. It was a bill addressing a lot of other things, and this part was slipped in."
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"What you want to do is to teach students to use liberty responsibly, not take it away because you don't trust what they'll do with it. One thing you can do to guarantee that everyone in the school will want to see a site is to suspend someone over it."
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"It has this very loose term of 'intent to annoy' which encompasses a much greater area of speech than harassment and threat."
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"The word covers a much wider range of speech than threats. It goes beyond the cyber-stalking that proponents were worried about."
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"It's a privileged escalation attack. On Windows you can have users with different privileges, and because of security weakness in the permissions of a folder, it allows a low-ranked user to act as a high-ranked user."
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