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Rod Marinelli Quotes

31 Rod Marinelli quotes:

"I have got some history with Donnie, way back when he was a player and I was coaching back at Utah State. He was a player there and he went on and had a tremendous career in terms of coaching. I feel good about getting Donnie."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: History Quotes
"You tell men the truth. You don't hide anything, you don't skirt the issue. You just be direct with these men - that's all they want. Be direct. And tell them what they need to hear, not what they want to hear."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"I love coaching young players and it starts with the staff that understands how to teach. I've trained to be a head football coach and that's what is exciting for me."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"I'm willing to take as long as it takes to get the right man. It may be an unknown, or it may be him."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"I just believe you coach each man independently. You've got to spend time showing him how good he can be. ... We just have standards. I've got to get each man to understand the standard I have for him."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"Football is a show-me game. I'm tired of talking. You start putting on pads and do the work. Let our film talk for us."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"Football always has been a show-me game. Sometimes there's too much talk. It's time to show it."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"They both bring a sense of real good leadership and passion within their own personalities. They love football. They are here all day."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"That man knows how to win and how to move the football. I like him and I would love to have him."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"Everybody has their own philosophy. I hope I never stand in the way of my assistants. I've never faced the situation before, but hopefully I'm going to allow guys to seek opportunities."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"I've got to believe they're going to be liking it -- getting down the field, stretching the field. But within that is the work ethic that's going to come with it."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"I understand football character. Guys who love football and want to be a champion. I've been around that, so I know what to look for."
"He brings great tempo, great character, great toughness to what we're doing."
"The competition is phenomenal. It's going to bring the best out of that entire group, I think."
"It's not just playing really hard and really good tempo. Now it's playing smart with execution."
"It's the untalented issues that I'm really interested in. There's talent in this league, everybody's got talent. The issue is how hard are we willing to play."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"Hard work, coming out and doing everything we're asking him to do. I mean working hard, and he's got talent. And the offense, the system, is very demanding. And the coaches over there are very demanding."
"I really like that, too. That's been my nature, is to have people compete and work, so we've really stirred it up a little bit and will get this thing started in the right direction, the direction I want."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"It's great to get this opportunity. I want to turn the Lions into a championship team. It's going to take hard work and I'll assemble a staff that will work hard for this organization."
"That's the gamble, the risk."
Author: Marinelli Quotes Category: Risk Quotes

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