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4 Carl Brown quotes:

"I believe that the fact that this is the work of God keeps this place going. The fact that this is not a man-made institution but the vision of God that miracles will keep this place going on."
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"Our traffic is up significantly in the past two weeks."
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"It is something that I refer to as a little miracle. Boys' Town is a secret that we now want for people to know. For the people around that have nothing else to do, I really want to offer them hope. The hope that there is a future out there for them and I want them to understand that there are people out there that care for them. The thing is, they'll not care until they find out that we care."
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"I'm still focusing on football presently, but my real goals are to get this institution back to where Father (Hugh) Sherlock (the founder of Boys' Town) would have wanted it."
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