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"It's knowing and letting good be good enough, and believing that their good is going to be fine. When that's not working, just trying not to do more than what they are capable of doing. Once they play within themselves, they put themselves in a position to do the right things, string points together, and that wins you games."
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"I think they are going into their doubles matches with more confidence because they've had more confidence in that area. We know we can be successful, and we know we have good doubles teams. They've been getting better. It's been more finding chemistry between partners that will be able to complement each other."
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"You can't hang on to wins for confidence, because you can't hold on to things that you can't control. Knowing that they've done their best and have gone to the best of their ability, that's confidence. And that's what's going to let them play freely and be able to execute."
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"I would say there are several players coming off of last weekend that should be feeling confident. Confidence is a choice, and that's a matter of being able to block the distractions. Everybody has a poor performance. The better athletes know where to place that, learn from it and move on."
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"There is a tremendous parody in the Big Ten and home advantage has played out this season for every team -- Michigan State has also struggled on the road."
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"The days in between this weekend and the Big Ten Championships will be rest. You can't ask much of your athletes when they are competing in five-hour matches. You have to be careful in monitoring everything from academics to mental relaxation."
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"I'm upset we lost two tough matches, but I'm not upset with the team's progress. Every weekend, it's a matter of who's managing the emotional state of where you are in season, and we did a good job of managing that."
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