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"It is unconscionable that some of our citizens have decided to take advantage of this natural disaster by stealing from their own fellow citizens. This is a time when people need to come together."
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"It's unconscionable that some of our citizens have decided to take advantage of this natural disaster, ... It's indefensible. It violates every code of morality. And it's against the law."
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"It says a lot about the direction we're going in, with the new starting lineup a huge, huge defensive emphasis. Some guys didn't play as many minutes tonight as normal, but we really cared about doing the things that it takes to win and not about what's going to shoot up in the stat sheet."
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"I need to put you in the locker room because they're looking for excuses too,"
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"I think that we have to begin a process of removing the stain of corruption from Louisiana, and I think that, in this case, we have confronted corruption squarely in the face and we have dealt with it appropriately and fairly,"
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"I think police officers are using common sense in making arrests. A person taking water would be a certain kind of situation versus a person taking a big screen television."
"He's a professional. He probably made a slight mistake by going public before he had a conversation with the GM, but I've said all along he's been a professional on the floor at practice, in the locker room, on the planes, on busses. I never saw any real unhappiness or anything like that."
"He just said, 'OK, Coach,' and that was the extent of it. It was a very brief conversation, and he was agreeable. I'm sure he's going to be professional. He's always played well under these circumstances. He's always responded the right way on the floor."
"The rooms are in chaos, ... It looked like a hurricane had been inside the evidence room. The stench was overwhelming."
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"It's talent, toughness, experience and character. We've added two players that give us all those qualities. The heart is bigger than the man sometimes. That's what we have. We think that's going to take us to another level."
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"I've always said that it's about talent, toughness, experience and character in this league, ... We've added two other players, and Antonio Daniels, who give us all of those qualities. The heart is bigger than the man sometimes, and that's what we have. We have competitive players. Guys who are experienced, guys who are talented. We think that is going to take us to another level."
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"I haven't put a lot of stock into that number. It's good that we won a game tonight and that we are continuing to move up in the standings."
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"We're giving up too many points. We ran our offence well. We didn't respond when they attacked us."
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"Thank goodness we had one game under our belt with everybody, ... Sometimes that kind of thing can happen in training camp and you never get everyone healthy. It's something that happens to pretty much every team in the league. The teams that stay healthy are able to have success."
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"We're going through some hard times. Let's see how tough and resilient we are."
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"We played hard, but they played harder. They made plays and we couldn't make plays at the offensive end. I thought we competed very hard, but we couldn't keep up with their offense."
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"The shot selection was questionable. It was a shot, but was it a quality shot? Was it a shot we could rebound? There weren't a whole lot of those. That's not having discipline or being organized. That's not trusting what we do. We belied all trust [Saturday]."
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"Guys made their minds up that they were going to trust each other tonight."
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"We said there were three keys to victory. We wanted to defend Redd, we wanted to rebound and be physical."
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"It's good to have physical practices, but we have rules. We want competitive practices, and when we emphasize a physical approach, it's going to happen where you have some physical contact."
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