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"I like poems that are little games."
"I would like to be proud of having written some poems that will be remembered, but I will never know whether I will have any reason to be proud of that."
"In order to understand what they need to understand, in order to write what they write, they have to be free. And yet, they aren't ever free. They are not free because they are not free of the constrictions their art puts on them."
"People are talking about the Internet as though it is going to change the world. It's not going to change the world. It's not going to change the way we think, and it's not going to change the way we feel."
"But for me, being an editor I've been an editor of all kinds of books being an editor of poetry has been the way in which I could give a crucial part of my time to what I love most."
"I think poetry has lost an awful lot of its muscle because nobody knows any. Nobody has to memorize poetry."
"For instance, it's a little better now than it was two or three years ago, but something like 70% of the poems I receive seem to be written in the present indicative."
"But there is some way in which poets believe that and this is dangerous, too believe that their calling gives them a certain freedom. A certain freedom to live in a free way."
"I just think that some version of the past in our culture is going to rise up and become dominant."
"Poetry was invented as an mnemonic device to enable people to remember their prayers."
"And there are a lot more people reading poetry, but there are not so many people reading an individual poet."
"The reason one writes poems is so that your poem will be remembered."
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"The more poetry you have in the head, the more poetry you will understand because you will be getting to the roots of what it is that makes people write poetry at all."
"In my youth, I found that I was quite often inspired and pushed forward by what I read."
"And one of the odd things about it is that poetry is now fleeing from the academies to another institution, which is the performance poetry."
"My friends never talk to me about my poetry because they're embarrassed that I write it or they're embarrassed by what I write about which are not such extraordinarily terrifying things, but they are the state of human existence."
"Poetry is composing for the breath."
"The problem, for me, with the writing programs is that they produce a terrible uniformity of product."
"There are some poets, and some of the good ones, who really act as careerists and go out and make a career, make sure they're well regarded."
"Frost is the most sophisticated of poets."

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