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8 Mike Dunleavy quotes:

"I was really worried about this game, obviously, playing a team that has not won yet, ... I knew they were going to come out and play hard. They gave a great effort and the longer you let them stay around, hang around, the more confidence builds, the more opportunity they have to win."
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"That hurt us obviously, because at the end of the game he would have been the guy playing the pick-and-roll at the top. He's our best guy at getting over screens and shutting that down."
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"I don't know of a player who has had bigger (improvement) from rookie to second to third year. He's much more than I ever expected."
"We could never get it straight to what we were trying to get to. It was a combination. Our guards were getting hung up on the pick. They definitely burned us on it."
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"The part about playing hard, we've got that down pretty good. We play hard every night. No matter how many we get down, guys are resilient and we bounce back. We missed some opportunities down the stretch, as far as being late with some of our execution, but I was really pleased at the way we played. If we play like this every night, it will be a successful trip."
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"I was getting ready to take him out anyway, because we've got to play again tomorrow night. So maybe it was better for him to get his frustrations out that way."
"We're better than we've been since I've been here, but we're also more disappointed, because we have the talent to be over .500. You just have to stick with it and fight through it. Who knows how good this team can be or where we'll finish up?"
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"I think it's a great opportunity for both players. We were looking for another dimension, a guy who could go out and stroke the ball. And this will give us an opportunity to play a different style, or change it up in certain games and match up better against certain teams."

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