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"We would like to do something sooner rather than later, so we can get the maximum benefit. But, at this point, so many teams are still in it that they're not ready to part with players, to go down that road and go ahead with it. That's what the wild card has done. It's kept more teams in it."
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"When it became known that I was going to come up here and interview, a lot of friends from the Boston area and New England who grew up here and went to school here [called me], ... About half of them said, 'Good luck and go up there and do a good job.' The others said, 'What the [heck] are you thinking about?' So you have to keep that in perspective. You can only go out there and do the best job you can. And in this case, for me, I have a World Series ring as a player; I would love to have another one. This is one of the best opportunities in baseball to get there."
"I am just trying to get a sense of how things have operated, as well as get a sense of the talent, the players. In the minor leagues and major leagues - trying to find out how healthy guys are, are they looking to have better years, worst years, did they have career years ... just trying to get some sense of that so we can get an idea looking forward to the club this year."
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"We talked about his toe (and) rather than to keep trying to push it ... we decided to give it the time to get healthy again."
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"He won't be dressing for the rest of the year. We felt it wouldn't be appropriate for the organization."
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