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Matthias Platzeck Quotes

8 Matthias Platzeck quotes:

"It is not a love relationship, that is clear. But it is appropriate to the circumstances."
"The SPD has to eliminate the doubts about our unity. We can only convince the public of the force of our ideas if we cooperate and stay together."
Author: Platzeck Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"Anyone who promises that everything can be made the way it used to be with the recipes of the past betrays in reality the people he claims to represent. We must never participate in this betrayal and we must never allow this betrayal."
Author: Platzeck Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"There will be no cooperation of any kind with the Left Party."
"We grew up under dictatorship, wanted democracy and were quickly given responsibility. That sharpens the view for risks, but also for chances."
"This is a sober marriage of convenience."
Author: Platzeck Quotes Category: Marriage Quotes
"I discovered when things were changing that one must always remain open to taking risks and chances in society."
Author: Platzeck Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"Arbitration is a sensible suggestion which it is worth discussing."
Author: Platzeck Quotes Category: Worth Quotes

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