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Brandon Davis Quotes

6 Brandon Davis quotes:

"We had a plan and that was that all of the orange and white cars were going to stay together and hopefully use the draft and stay quick, ... I was catching Eric (Curran) by quite a bit and I thought that it wasn't going to be as good of a lap but it turned out it was excellent."
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"My dad started racing when I was about four. My mom thought it was interesting, so she started to try it. It's just something that the whole family can relate to, which is nice."
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"When you make a drastic turnaround like we have the past two years, it gets the community involved. Some of the younger kids, their parents are getting involved. It's really a community-based project."
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"He's always there for support. He is the first person I call if he isn't at the race. He knows what I'm doing because he's watching live timing and scoring. He is my best friend, and he helps me a lot with everything."
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"We had a plan that all the Acura cars would stay together and use the draft, ... I was gaining on Eric (Curran) and everything went well when I put that one lap together."
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"I've learned a lot about the consistency of being in a championship race, about getting a good finish every time while still trying to get faster every race. One of the things that Peter told me was that you could be in seventh and could go for sixth by really trying to stick [the car] in there. But if you get booted out, then that's a whole bunch of points you lose out on by finishing 14th or 15th. Those places are a lot worse than seventh. You have to think about that."
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