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Stanton Glantz Quotes

5 Stanton Glantz quotes:

"This report is forcing reconsideration of this issue by health officials all over the world."
Author: Glantz Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"If people are serious about breast cancer, they have to deal with secondhand smoke. That's what this is all about."
Author: Glantz Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"What Phillip Morris is doing here is a tremendous disservice to parents and to infants because it's increasing the risk infants will die."
Author: Glantz Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"There are more studies, the risk estimates are more consistently elevated, and they're higher than they were for lung cancer. Plus, there's all these toxicology studies and molecular biology they didn't have back then."
Author: Glantz Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"It's pretty simple. These laws are very bad for the cigarette companies, because they create an environment for people to quit if they want to."
Author: Glantz Quotes Category: Environment Quotes

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