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"I really wanted to bring magic and fun back to cosmetics. I mean that's always been my attraction with cosmetics: color, texture, sparkle, glitter and all the things that make you kind of different or special."
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"You still get the sheer quality coming through but you're covered."
Author: Sui Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"I was very inspired by Goth music, which was kind of this whole thing that happened in the early '80s. There were bands like the Cure, and Bauhaus and Siouxsie and the Banshees, but then I also kind of mixed it with Victorian Goth,"
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"[Her latest addition to the living room -- paper mache furniture, with mother-of-pearl inlay -- follows those guidelines. What attracted her to it?] I think that the fact that it's black and that it has like this color in it and there's painting around it, ... It just doesn't seem real, and then the fact that it's functional too."
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