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"If he is suggesting an open-ended, long-term commitment, I'm afraid that's not good enough,"
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"really raises serious questions about the consistency of the policy."
Author: Durbin Quotes Category: Consistency Quotes
"may be a very competent individual. But how in the world can we get to the truth of the question as to what went wrong with Hurricane Katrina -- how can we really hope to discover the incompetence that led to all this human suffering and devastation -- if the administration is going to investigate itself?"
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"Whether we're talking about Red Cross, or Second Harvest, Salvation Army or other groups, this is direct assistance right to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. We need to do our part at the government level, but this dramatic outpouring of support across the country to the Red Cross and other agencies, is money well spent. It's money that really is effectively cutting across a lot of red tape and helping people,"
"Words of tribute are in order to honor the sacrifice of these brave men and women and their loved ones. But words are not enough. We owe them leadership and a clear strategy to bring our troops home with their mission truly accomplished."
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"It is very difficult to track how this man, who gave us such misleading information before the invasion of Iraq, now under active investigation for endangering American troops, is now the toast of the town,"
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"Would you restrict freedom in America, or would you expand it?"
Author: Durbin Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
". . . The White House promised new details in his speech. The president delivered generalities,"
"The combination of lax security and deadly chemicals is a toxic mix. Illinois has more facilities that store extremely hazardous material than any other state, with over 100,000 pounds of hazardous substance stored in over 600 facilities."
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