Newt Gingrich Quotes

20 Newt Gingrich quotes:

"This is a critical intersection for the president and his ability to be effective for the next three years,"
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"It's not the absence of money, ... It is a failure of bureaucratic structures."
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Absence Quotes
"gratified that the committee has decided to take no action."
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"You can't trust anybody with power."
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"It's impossible to defend something like this happening in America,"
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: America Quotes
"I frankly don't understand all of the things that happened yesterday, and I'm not sure anyone else in America does either,"
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: America Quotes
"He believed passionately in America,"
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: America Quotes
"[House Speaker Newt Gingrich said,] I am glad now that the election is over to see that the president has agreed that we need to save Medicare. ... remarkable coming from this administration, given how they characterized them last year."
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"My deepest belief is that all of this is part of a much bigger story and that we have to wait until we've seen the report before we can reach any judgment,"
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Belief Quotes
"If this goes down and we end up in a steep, worldwide depression, some of us will have the comfort of knowing we cast the right vote,"
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"The Cornerstone Community School provides hope and academic excellence to students in our area ... Newt and I are pleased to contribute to this effort."
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"I helped convince him to run (for Congress) ... when he was going to retire I helped make him Appropriations chairman,"
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"I don't think the Congress could move forward only on Lewinsky, unless he had such a clear case, such an overpowering case, ... But I think we would be better served to know the whole story."
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"If we renew American civilization, if we restore faith, if we defeat the drug culture, if we reestablish incentives, if we decentralize so local volunteers and local leaders create local solutions, if we replace ignorance with knowledge so that every citizen is able to pursue happiness, I think we could in a generation give our grandchildren the kind of America which would let them lead the entire human race,"
"I think they are showing a greater willingness to look for new suggestions, new ideas, new approaches than at any time in the presidency. I think they realize the larger system has failed: They are not where they want to be on Iraq; the first week after Katrina was an absolute failure."
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"we have the same instinct."
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Instinct Quotes
"Frankly I believe that there's too little funding for intelligence, we have too few assets and too few analysts. And I think if the Congress and others are going to demand a greater capacity in intelligence we're going to have to be prepared to pay for a more sophisticated and a more intense structure of intelligence capabilities, and I think its wrong for some members of Congress to vote to cut intelligence spending, to vote to cut the number of intelligence analysts and then to set unrealistically high demands on the intelligence community."
"It is not my habit to answer questions posed to me when I am halfway out the door with my back turned ... The speaker and I continue to work as effectively as we have for the last four years."
"We believe there ought to be a tax cut for those who save, invest and create jobs. And I'm very prepared to take on any kind of class warfare argument,"
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"We need to get the job done now, and I don't think anybody is better prepared to do that psychologically and otherwise than Rudy Giuliani,"
Author: Gingrich Quotes Category: Job Quotes

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