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Julian Barnes Quotes

6 Julian Barnes quotes:

"I was also interested in the racial side of it. Even today, the Chief of the London Metropolitan Police is trying to make the force more representative of London and there's a lot of resistance from the predominantly white force."
Author: Barnes Quotes Category: Police Quotes
"The writer must be universal in sympathy and an outcast by nature; only then can he see clearly"
Author: Barnes Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"He came attached to the case. ... I didn't know much about his biography before I started, and I hadn't read him since I was 20, I suppose. But in the process of research and writing, I found him to be a very admirable and a moral and warmhearted person."
Author: Barnes Quotes Category: Biography Quotes
"You grew old first not in your own eyes,but in other people's eyes;slowly,you agreed with their opinion of you."
Author: Barnes Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes
"Books say: she did this because. Life says: she did this. Books are where things are explained to you, life where things aren't."
"The land of embarrassment and breakfast."

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