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Stephen Flynn Quotes

9 Stephen Flynn quotes:

"The lowest-paying jobs on the waterfront are security people. But is that a problem for foreign ownership? No. It's a problem for everybody."
Author: Flynn Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"We have no idea who's in the ports. And many of the folks who come in to service the ports, that drive the trucks back and forth, are people who don't have very distinguished backgrounds. May have criminal backgrounds."
Author: Flynn Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"This [deal] is not near the top of the list of things to worry about."
Author: Flynn Quotes Category: Worry Quotes
"You're not going have a bunch of UAE citizens working the docks. They're longshoremen, vested in high-paying jobs. Most of them are Archie Bunker-kind of Americans."
Author: Flynn Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"It is only a matter of time before terrorists breach the superficial security measures in place to protect the ports, ships and the millions of containers that link global producers to consumers."
Author: Flynn Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"Port security today is still a house of cards. For each of these programs, the bar is not very high and there is very little in the way of verification. The result is it is not much of an effective deterrent."
Author: Flynn Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We live on the edge as a modern society, and terrorists can take advantage of that, ... What Katrina has told us, Mother Nature has told us: 'You live on the edge, and if you don't make prudent investments, lots of lives and property can be unnecessarily lost.'"
Author: Flynn Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"Well, it would not even have to be a chemical or biological or nuclear weapon. Because the only thing separating that container yard from basically where people live and work is a fence."
Author: Flynn Quotes Category: Biography Quotes
"With no debate in Congress or directive from the White House, the Pentagon has narrowly defined its role as 'homeland defense' against an enemy attack from outside the United States, limiting its role in disaster response to a last-resort backfill for civil authorities. Not surprisingly, that philosophy dictates a very passive posture."
Author: Flynn Quotes Category: Congress Quotes

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