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"[In addition to providing a] reaffirmation of our culture and history, ... put people back in our hotels, back in our restaurants."
Author: Perry Quotes Category: Culture Quotes
"So this really, for us, is the new birth of New Orleans, our culture and our economics all at the same time."
Author: Perry Quotes Category: Birth Quotes
"In New Orleans, people live for food and it's going to be one of the first things as people come back."
Author: Perry Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"The tourist infrastructure is standing up well and will rebound before the rest of the city, ... the great issue is when the city will have basic services back to manage visitors. We will all work hard to make sure the time frame is pushed as early as possible, but only if public safety and basic human issues have been addressed."
Author: Perry Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"When you see estimates of New Orleans not getting power back or water flowing for six or eight months, that is not the part of the city where tourists go."
Author: Perry Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"From a multibillion-dollar tourism perspective here in the city, this is one of the most powerful national signals that we can have, because it is the first major sporting commitment since Katrina. It is an event that attracts thousands of people, it has exposure all over the world, and it puts a highlight that weekend on New Orleans as a destination."
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