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5 Dale Jr quotes:

"For example, one of the more common ones is if a guy races you really hard, and it seems pointless at the time, then next time when he's in a position that he needs a break, you don't cut him one. That's sort of the main one that I probably deal with most often."
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"His birthday is something I do enjoy pointing out or celebrating or recognizing myself personally, because that was always a lot of fun with him."
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"It's kind of like heat racing. Gives you an idea about your competition going into the 500. I think anytime you line us up, we're going to go for it. I think the qualifying deal, the rules they have now, it takes a little bit away from what it means other than to win it."
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"If you're cheating, the less people know about it, the better. You're not going to tell your driver. At least I wouldn't. I wouldn't tell anybody."
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"I can live with myself knowing I at least tried to win rather than stay in line. We're real happy to come out of here with a top 10."
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