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Jim Duncan Quotes

5 Jim Duncan quotes:

"We really don't know yet. We're playing it by ear. We'll see how the sales go."
Author: Duncan Quotes Category: Sales Quotes
"This fuel cell power plant will help reduce energy costs for the clinic, which, like other businesses, has seen a stiff increase in heating and power costs in the past five years. We really have to tackle cost containment from every possible angle, whether it is medical liability insurance or energy efficiency."
Author: Duncan Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Progress is slow, ... It has to do with our lab analysis. You can't rush those things."
Author: Duncan Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"This year we started strictly enforcing it as it was written, ... I don't know, maybe I take the blame for not making the administrators as aware of the need to enforce it, but I told them over the summer that there was no question about what it was and that it needed to be enforced."
Author: Duncan Quotes Category: Blame Quotes
"Christmas of this past year, 2005, was actually worse than 2004. So at that time we knew the decision was made for us. We just couldn't keep going here; we had to close."
Author: Duncan Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes

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