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12 Lawrence Lindsey quotes:

"The world's problems are starting to infect the U.S. economy,"
"While it is not so large as to exert undue pressure on the real side of the U.S. economy, this emerging bubble is nonetheless real."
"That $40,000-a-year family with two kids could really use that $1,600 to retire that credit card debt, make a down payment on a car, and that's what we really want to see happen,"
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"In the run-up to 9,000, you've got to put most of the credit -- or some might say blame -- on monetary policy."
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"The members of Congress who came up to meet with the president this week all said so, and they want to see an acceleration of the tax cut, and so does the president."
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"At first, he was thought of as extreme, but later, with the advent of computers, he was able to run large databases and establish a very large empirical record. I can't think of anyone who's had more impact on public finance in the second half of the 20th century."
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"The economic circumstances have changed, ... Fox News Sunday."
"Compensation's share of total income is down almost 1-1/2 percent over what it was in 1989. You could have a significant increase in wages and erosion in profits without seeing big changes in prices,"
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"What we want to see is ... people get more money in their pockets sooner, ... There's some trouble out there, apparently, with the economy, and we want to see people have larger paychecks so that they can either pay down their debt [or] use it for some spending that they may want to do."
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"I don't think we're going to be touching Social Security at all."
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"The budget surplus is $5.6 trillion. Two and a half trillion of that is put aside for Social Security and paying down the national debt, ... That leaves $3.1 trillion in surplus. That's after we've taken care of all existing spending. We're only asking that half of that, [$1.6 trillion] out of the $3.1 trillion, be used for tax cuts."
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"At the start, the euro is going to have problems as a reserve currency. It will ... have to earn its place."
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