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Norm Ornstein Quotes

10 Norm Ornstein quotes:

"This week, I think, makes our case ... that Congress is not the deliberative body it is supposed to be."
Author: Ornstein Quotes Category: Body Quotes
"giving aid and comfort to their adversaries."
Author: Ornstein Quotes Category: Comfort Quotes
"[The administration, he said, has tried to rebound from the widespread criticism of initial recovery efforts with a stepped-up federal response and regular visits to the Gulf region.] The president has been all over the map there to help out and commit the government's full resources and the expectation was it would have people talking again about his compassionate conservatism, ... But it just hasn't worked out."
"Any spate of news stories from now on about corruption in contracts, etc., will hurt - people will resist a major taxpayers' commitment if they think much of it will be wasted or lining the pockets of miscreants, ... That perception, unfortunately, has been reinforced by the delegation request, which editorials have called 'Louisiana looting.' The delegation needs to change its tone and strategy when it comes to getting aid. The other danger is that over time, as other disasters occur, aid becomes zero sum."
"They want a group of people on the House Ethics Committee who are going to go to extraordinary lengths to keep Tom DeLay from going down or being embarrassed yet again, which embarrasses them all, they believe, with whats been going on down in Texas."
Author: Ornstein Quotes Category: Ethics Quotes
"I'm happy to place the lion's share of the blame for this on FEMA and the feds. But I think a substantial dollop of the blame goes to the state and local level, and he deserves his share of that."
Author: Ornstein Quotes Category: Blame Quotes
"They are very much afraid that if DeLay comes back in the leadership and then this stuff explodes all around them, the shrapnel is going to hit all of them. Even those who admire his leadership ... they are going to want to pull out."
Author: Ornstein Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"You've got a lot of people who privately view DeLay as so radioactive. It's not just the Texas stuff, in some ways the Texas stuff is the least of it."
Author: Ornstein Quotes Category: Delay Quotes
"We're not talking about Mother Teresa here who gets caught for turning right on a red light in a state that doesnt allow such a thing, ... The history of Tom DeLay in Congress is that he's pushed every envelope. It is often the case that powerful people get their comeuppance because of something that a lot of people would see as a technicality."
Author: Ornstein Quotes Category: Mother Quotes
"Before election night or the next morning, I would have said the chances for a rematch are zero, that the loser would be quickly forgotten. But we're in a different world now."
Author: Ornstein Quotes Category: Night Quotes

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