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13 Scott Gomez quotes:

"Our line has to score. We'll take some of the blame, in fact most of it. As a line, we're getting opportunities. We need to score."
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"My buddies are now complaining about my assists. It's nice to score, but we've got to win."
"You don't want to be home for Christmas, let's put it that way."
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"It was an honor to be there and I'm not going to get into that. I was just proud to be picked."
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"I think everyone is kind of counting us out right off the bat. They're not giving us much of a chance. Hopefully we'll go over there and shock a lot of people."
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"I don't think guys know what the records are because all we know is [Stanley] Cups here. But knowing Brian and being someone who loves to pass the puck, that's always my goal, to see one of my wingers get 50 goals. That would be an awesome achievement."
"I wasn't taking advantage of the new rules. I wasn't taking the puck to the net, using my speed."
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"You've got to have luck on the power play. Sometimes it's going to go in, sometimes it's not."
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"As a team we're all starting to do a little better. Personally, I'm getting a little luck."
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"This only happens every four years. I don't think you'll get this smile off my face."
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"I think the team's gone through a lot. One thing, we knew the potential of this club. We stuck with it. That's been the main goal."
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"The team's gone through a lot, but one thing about it, we knew the potential of this club and we stuck with it. The main goal is just every game we just want to improve, we want to get better. We got some guys that know what it takes to win the ultimate."
Author: Gomez Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"It just shows what kind of team they are. They didn't give up, they played to the end and it was great for the fans tonight. They got a great hockey game."
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