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Gene Nudo Quotes

6 Gene Nudo quotes:

"San Jose was giving us trouble with their press coverage. Our receivers couldn't get off the line and get open, so you can't blame that on the quarterback."
Author: Nudo Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"We knew this game was going to be tough. We knew it would be a blood-and-guts game ? that's how both teams played tonight."
Author: Nudo Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"We didn't play with much enthusiasm. We traveled halfway across the world to lay an egg."
Author: Nudo Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"We want to keep them here. We will express a vision of the organization to them and hopefully they will see that and we can go from there."
Author: Nudo Quotes Category: Vision Quotes
"If he's got half of his old man's toughness, he'll be worth taking a look at."
Author: Nudo Quotes Category: Worth Quotes
"Todd could have probably played last week, but he throws his body around like he's 230 and he's not."
Author: Nudo Quotes Category: Body Quotes

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