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"You got to have dreams and obviously that [the Vezina Trophy] is one of them, ... I want to be the best goalie in the league, not because I think I will be one day just because you have to set your goals as high as you can. I want to win it one day. I'll do everything I can, and I'll know that if I don't win it, that at least I did everything I could. And that's more important to me than actually winning it."
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"Does one guy play against Germany and another against Canada? You can play against Germany and someone else and get two shutouts, or you could play against Canada, give up four goals and play great. How would you really decide?"
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"You can't stop 40 or 45 shots a night and expect to win. Detroit has five Hall of Fame players on the team. You can't give them 45 shots."
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"It could have been a lot worse. If they didn't detect it, the blood clot could have got loose, and then I would have been in big trouble."
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"We have improved our game and the results are showing. We have been playing much smarter."
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"I didn't do very good. But our guys came through and scored a bunch of goals and that's why we won."
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"We didn't cover the slot. A lot of goals were off of rebounds or passes in front of the net. We have been on the fortunate side a few times this season, but you can't think any game is going to be an easy game."
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"We had been scoring a lot of goals and maybe we felt like we just couldn't lose. We started playing loose, but now we're not scoring four or five goals a game per night. And in this NHL, you're not going to win many goals scoring two goals a night."
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"I don't know if it's the Red Wings. We've been giving up that many shots about the last three weeks. We're not playing well defensively. If you want to win, you have to start in your own zone. You can't give up 40, 45 shots every night. Especially in this league where you can't hold guys, you can't give up these kind of chances."
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"Obviously, I hate shootouts. Every goalie hates it."
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"Really, that was one of our better defensive efforts. They did a quality job and it shows they're not just minor leagues, but they're waiting for their chance in the NHL."
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"A goalkeeper has to be ready all the time. You take your rest because you just never know."
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"For European goalies coming over here the toughest thing is learning how to play the puck and deal with the traffic. You often have to fight through the traffic to see the puck. Those things you have to learn. Every European is usually good on breakaways and back door plays because we are so used to it. There are not as many shots back in Europe but (there are) a lot of back door dishes and plays around the net."
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"It's a big win for us. Our goal was to put more space between them and us in the standings."
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"You get a lot of power plays and you get a lot of shots you can't see,"
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"Maybe there are going to be more shots because of power plays and stuff like that, ... It's a good thing. The more shots you get, the more difference you can make."
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"It's all about trying to outwait the player. I haven't had much time to practice really hard lately and it showed on breakaways and stuff like that. But I'm not worried about it."
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"There's no way of knowing before you get there. Everything else would be just words and not really based on any evidence. We'll all find out."
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