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"By no means would it [require] any kind of surgery."
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"He's not where he can do the quick movements yet. His strength is improving dramatically and his lower body is significantly stronger than it has been at any time this year, but some of the functional things on the field, he's just not ready yet."
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"We knew it was sore. He was able to take [batting practice.] Gearing it up to game speed, you could see him flinch a little in the first at-bat so we got him out of there."
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"He had no complaints until he came off the field the other day, and the complaints were significant enough. He was telling us he was definitely in pain making some of his throws, and that's when we decided to progress the way we did. I can't answer why it started the other day, and it hadn't prior."
"He had cramping all over his body that started in his calves and lower back. For whatever reason, it manifested itself more as a neck strain."
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"The key for us is to do whatever we can so he doesn't lose arm strength."
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"We don't know if it's a hydrating issue or what. He had cramping going on all over his body. For whatever reason, it manifested into a neck strain. He threw a bullpen today. I think Larry's planning on him pitching [Sunday] for us."
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"I would love to see it happen,"
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"There isn't a pitcher out there who we don't treat for soreness. Unfortunately, Mark was describing it as pain."
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"They want to make sure he can keep food down and not get any nausea. And we have to control the inflammation. But we are going to get after it [with the shoulder rehab] right away."
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