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"There's nothing actually like game experience. Even though you're getting the reps and you can get comfortable with the game plan, you still have to go out there and execute in the game. You prepare the best you can, and if you're called upon, you go out and do the best you can. I'm confident in my ability."
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"That drive was big for me. You don't get that many opportunities to get game experience and it was big for me to have some success out there. I needed it."
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"He's definitely hurting; there's no question about that. He's been taking some shots all season, and his body is feeling it. At the same time, I know what type of a warrior he is, and he battles through a lot of things. You can never count him out when things like this are going on."
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"I look at it like we're both getting ready to give us the best [possible performance] at quarterback. We'll take the reps [practice plays] when they tell us to."
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"When you see a guy have success, hopefully it gives them confidence in you. You never know when your next chance will come, so you always want to have a positive experience whenever you do get to play."
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