Tom Hanks Quotes

25 Tom Hanks quotes:

"I recognize you for your service and I thank you for the freedom, the gift of liberty that you gave me and my children."
Author: Hanks Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes
"We don't have a host and it's hard to vote yourself off the island when you're the only one on it."
Author: Hanks Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"It may not be important for a while, ... But in 10 years, we may yearn for a common purpose like going to the moon. And we need to do the footwork now."
Author: Hanks Quotes Category: Purpose Quotes
"It is a new technology that is revolutionary."
Author: Hanks Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"I never expected to get a podium at our first race back. I hadn't seen the bike before practice on Thursday, and it has taken all weekend to get back in the groove. But thanks to Adolf and the team for helping Phil and I get back into the championship, and we're now looking forward to Assen."
Author: Hanks Quotes Category: Practice Quotes

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