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"Their pass rush did give us some issues in the first half, there's no doubt about that. But also, we knew they were going to give us tight coverage, and we didn't win a lot of the one-on-one battles you need to gain first downs and move the ball."
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"Our execution in the second half was suspect in a couple areas."
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"The Wabash River - Indiana's largest body of water, containing the longest unimpeded waterway east of the Mississippi - constitutes a fascinating chapter in our nation's history. From the corridor's impact on the Hoosier landscape to its role in influencing the lives of the people who live along it, this is truly a story worth telling."
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"Every game as far as team confidence is make or break for us. We've got to develop that type of a winning attitude."
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"Erratic play. What we're trying to develop is consistency. We had that for two weeks, and we won. All of a sudden, we had a game where we needed consistent play and veteran leadership, and we didn't get either from those two guys when we needed it."
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"Particularly defensively, we're starting to come into our own. In an Arena Football League game, when you're getting above four stops, you should be able to win every one of those games going away, and we did."
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"We can't rest on losing a football game. If you notice our transactions, every time we lose a game, somebody either goes home or something gets changed. And I'm not waiting around. I'm going to be aggressive about this thing. I'm going to make sure we've got the right people playing."
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"In arena football, the offense is a timing offense. If you give the quarterback time and vision, he should be able to move the ball properly."
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"Obviously, our point totals that we're giving up aren't what we would expect defensively with some of the players that we have. But in all fairness, the turnovers are the big issue. Defensively, you're going to give up points when you're turning the ball over and giving the other team more opportunities (and) that's what we've been doing."
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"What you have to guard against (in) a second start is that he's not trying to do too much. Of the two interceptions, one was a bad decision, and the other one was getting hit when he was throwing the football. I think those were isolated incidents and that he played well."
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"We have a lot of trust in Jason. The primary thing with Jason is, once we get the surrounding cast to be more consistent, he will be more consistent."
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"It's not just straight-line speed. He's got the agility and the quickness to go with it. His vision on the field is phenomenal. It just opens the playbook so much as a coach that I'm really looking forward to it."
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"Most guys would've taken the rest of the season off. He was able to come back at the end of the season, and really he was anxious to get out there sooner. It's just the doctors wanted to make sure the healing process was complete."
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"We're of the mind-set that if it does come down to the last play, we're going to make the play. You can't expect anything more than (being close at the end). We haven't been in that situation for a few weeks, and that's disappointing."
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"This program is not new to Hill or the industrial world. It's actually a management system that starts at the employee level. You get them to take charge of their safety program and then all the way up through management you develop a level of accountability."
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"We came out of the locker room flat, expecting to win and not willing to work to win. That first half was one of the worst offensive productions I've seen in eight years coaching in this league, and the second half wasn't much better."
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"His system isn't as flexible as I would like it to be. Not that it doesn't work. Certainly, it does work."
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"At the end of the game we gave ourselves the opportunity to come back, but we turned the ball back over on downs. At that point, we could have turned it into a four-point game."
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