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"Fear of the unknown often keeps people from getting involved but it's easy to rationalize a little discomfort when you consider what you're accomplishing."
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"There's nothing more frustrating to family and patients than to not find a match ... and it happens too often. It doesn't take acts of Congress -- it takes one person, sitting in a living room to become a donor. Unfortunately, people often find out about our program when tragedy strikes."
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"The reason you feel achy and sore when you catch a bug is because your body is fighting -- making extra cells -- so by us stimulating that response that's why you feel achy and sore for a few days. You won't get other flu-like symptoms. When you stop receiving the injections and after giving the cells, you feel normal again."
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"The continued momentum behind the IBM-Chartered Common Platform by key design enablement partners such as Magma will help further accelerate the transition to 90nm and beyond for our mutual customers. With these production-proven flows, designers have a low-risk approach to getting from concept to silicon and have the flexibility to work with two of the leading manufacturers, minimizing any re-design required to move between them."
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"Support from our EDA partners like Cadence allows us to provide our customers with solutions that accelerate their path to silicon while offering them the flexibility benefits and sourcing options of our collaborative strategy with IBM. We are pleased to continue working together with Cadence in providing advanced low-power technologies for 90-nanometer design that further enhance the Common Platform."
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