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"It was loud, man. It was the loudest I've heard, and I played here. This crowd, they were loud. It felt like a lot bigger crowd than what it was. They did what they needed to do to help their team and help them win."
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"I'm not really worried about this because I know we'll respond next game and step up. We knew they were going to make some plays, but the little things we did to hurt ourselves, we've got to eliminate those and we'll be fine."
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"[Dockery uses his body to compensate for deficiencies in technique.] If you get around him, ... you can get around anybody. He's a wide dude."
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"There was no enthusiasm ... We just seemed like a bunch of guys like a deer in the headlights, a lot of guys just wondering who is going to make the plays instead of going out and making the play. That's how it was to me. Whoever is on the field first is going to set the tone, and we can't let the other team go down the field and get a long run and set the tone early in the game."
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"It keeps the defense intact and going in the right direction and with him and hopefully the other coaches staying, we'll keep this thing going. It's a late Christmas present for all of us."
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"Bad luck, that's what it seems like to me, man. We play hard and work on it and get them in practice all the time; it's just not happening in the games."
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"The blitz is designed to get there and when it doesn't get there, you're in trouble. Teams adjust on that."
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"We figured if we got in we could be a dangerous team. Well, we're in now."
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